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    School Web
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    SchoolWeb is highly acclaimed
    school data management software.
    Make your school data management easy
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The Power of SchoolWeb

SchoolWeb sofware has several excellent features that you can get in one bundle once you register. These include student records, school timetables, teacher subject allocation, student school reports emailing or texts to parents/guardians etc.

Student Records

SchoolWeb helps you manage you students term and year records. This helps to keep your student records from point entry until he/she exists from your school. Total marks calculation,marks to letter grades conversion, student position in class etc are all automatic.

Staff Records

Manage your staff data with SchoolWeb.

State of the Art

SchoolWeb is highly optimised for fast performance and easy usage for all devices. You dont have computers for your school, dont worry because your smart phone is enough and you will get the same experience as on a computer.


SchoolWeb has been fully tested and developed to perfection. We continually provide free software updates once you register and pay the subscription fee. Support is always available 24 hrs. We further value the security of your data.

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